Nancy Moonstarr, PhD Psychologist

Dr. Nancy holds a PhD in psychology and is in service to shift awareness in the realm of emotional and physical intimacy for men from all walks of life. As a result of the eruption of the “Times and Me” Movements she felt called to inspire men on their journey to get to the heart of what TRULY matters in intimacy, so they understand and create meaningful connection to their partner. This allows a man to have a grander life overall. Dr. Nancy specifically offers her 5 Stages of Intimacy, Conversation to Penetration to guide best sexual, sensual and erotic yearnings.

The privilege of today is to know the meaning of your life now.

Coaching Programs Offered by Dr. Nancy Moonstarr

Fast Change 
3-Week Program

In 15 brief coaching sessions you receive help to bust up old, ineffective patterns and embark on a journey of exploration, discovering fresh new perspectives and embracing empowering choices. Give your life new meaning now.

Breakthrough Virtual Couple Private Weekend 

This three-day couple’s weekend packs in skills from Nancy’s 5 Stages of Intimacy so you can breakthrough lacks that previously prevented best sex ever. 30 days of follow - up coaching ensures continued progress.

 Individual Private Coaching

This package offers personalized one-on-one sessions aimed at helping you accept and love your unique sexual self along with the rest of you. Find how personal issues offer
opportunities to build greater self-awareness and transform yourself to a new level.

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