21 Days to Intimacy

21-Day Challenge to Mark Valentine's Day 2021

Guided by Dr. Nancy Moonstarr

Lets have fun!  

I invite you to join my plan to challenge you to do
a loving act of intimacy daily for 21 days in a row.

This activity is designed so you do one action a day that conveys
"I love you in a heartfelt way, intimate manner" to your partner.

Enter your name and email in the box below and you will receive an email prompt daily which gives you a specific action to take.

Treat her like she's special for 21 days!

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Overcome your love drought and expand your and her delight.  Action steps build upon my 5 Steps of Intimacy, Conversation to Penetration. If you need some additional background, please download My Cheat Sheet for 5 Steps To Intimacy from my website.  The gist will be for a man to place his relationship at the top of priorities daily.  

If you do not have an active, available partner, do this work on paper and use your imagination and ask a close friend(s) ideas as you bounce these fun things off of your friend or substitute.  In your mind, picture THE ONE you’d love to create or have in the physical realm.  If need be, find a picture of someone that conjures up that chemistry and resembles beauty you desire.

About Dr. Nancy Moonstarr

Nancy is in service to shift men’s awareness in the realm of emotional and physical intimacy.  She coaches men to simultaneously empower themselves and the women with whom they connect to at all levels of intimacy from conversation to penetration. 

She developed her own step-wise process The 5 Stages of Intimacy, Conversation to Penetration so that men can experience body, mind and spiritual intimacy in the most powerful way. This 5 Stage groundbreaking method allows men awareness supporting the highest vision that moves beyond the limiting belief that sexual evolution empowers one gender or the other and one at a time. INSTEAD, men are now able to learn skills to empower a partnership in mutual fashion, where he and she rise together.  

Nancy has created a movement called The Times Right Movement, where she believes men and women rise together supporting each other in the process.  She assists individuals and couples to overcome past intimate experiences which lacked sex positivity or missed fulfillment.  Nancy coaches clients by collaboratively using hers and their intuitive insight, best communication practices and empathic understanding of all sides of an issue.  This approach is uniquely designed so each client gains clarity for their relationship, skills and support in shame free manner.

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