6 Hot Tips For Men’s Intimacy

 6 Virtual Group Coaching Sessions
Guided by Dr. Nancy Moonstarr

“How To Tell Your Lover What You Want In Intimacy” 

You Will Learn:

How do I keep my lover coming back for more?

What will build my confidence on the way to mutually fulfilling sex?

How do I lead as a man so she trusts and joins me in new sexual adventures?

When the awkward moments arrive, what happens next?

How do I maintain positive results?

What does it take to give and receive the intimacy I deserve?

What's Included in This Program:

6 Weekly Group Calls on Zoom each Friday from 7:00 pm ET to 8:00 pm ET beginning March 18th.

Each weekly coaching sessions is in the most intimate setting possible, your home.  Each of the 6 one-hour sessions is supported by a question-and-answer segment.  Receive guidance to get to the heart of intimacy that produces erotic pleasure, orgasm and penetration.  

Additionally, you will be able to ask Nancy questions privately through texting or voice message on Telegram App.  This service alone would be enough reason to join “6 Hot Intimacy Tips For Men”.  You will receive answers to fit your unique love circumstances.  

This program allows you to benefits in three ways.  

First, you will receive intimacy skills you can put to use immediately to fire things up.
Second, you get an opportunity to learn from questions and answers raised by the group that you might otherwise not have asked.  
Third you will find the group forms a powerful source of support encouraging you to take your next step for heated up intimacy. 
BONUS: REPLAY offered! So you can watch at your leisure and go back over whenever needed. 

Come have some fun as you gain know-how on “6 Hot Intimacy Tips For Men”.

All this for $197 if you book prior to March 17, 2022,
price goes up to $297 for this coaching series on March 18, 2022.

6 Hot Intimacy Tips For Men” 

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About Dr. Nancy Moonstarr

Nancy is in service to shift men’s awareness in the realm of emotional and physical intimacy.  She coaches men to simultaneously empower themselves and the women with whom they connect to at all levels of intimacy from conversation to penetration. 

She developed her own step-wise process The 5 Stages of Intimacy, Conversation to Penetration so that men can experience body, mind and spiritual intimacy in the most powerful way. This 5 Stage groundbreaking method allows men awareness supporting the highest vision that moves beyond the limiting belief that sexual evolution empowers one gender or the other and one at a time. INSTEAD, men are now able to learn skills to empower a partnership in mutual fashion, where he and she rise together.  

Nancy has created a movement called The Times Right Movement, where she believes men and women rise together supporting each other in the process.  She assists individuals and couples to overcome past intimate experiences which lacked sex positivity or missed fulfillment.  Nancy coaches clients by collaboratively using hers and their intuitive insight, best communication practices and empathic understanding of all sides of an issue.  This approach is uniquely designed so each client gains clarity for their relationship, skills and support in shame free manner.

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