A Demonstration of Kissing

A Demonstration of Kissing

Kissing is such a wonderful way to build “sexy” tension and in a very dreamy way.  Watch this video in the link below for my quick suggestions.  Also consider setting up a make-out session so you can enjoy building these kisses into long steamy ones.  In additional to the video kisses try adding the following ones to your repertoire:

Explore any part of the body with soft, barely open lips and in continuous fashion.
Use your tongue to sweep over your partners teeth and tongue or any part of the mouth.
Kiss your phone or video call near the camera when you end your call (to a romantic partner).

Ask your partner for guidance for what felt good and what didn’t.  If your partner gets too aggressive in their kissing.  Stop momentarily.  Gently place your hand over your partner’s heart area.  Use a slight amount of pressure to move you both apart.  Then in a sexy whisper* say, “I like to take charge with this or wait a minute or I’ll take it from here”.  You will create sex positive tension as you lead this kiss.

*sexy whisper is done speaking softly, slow-staccato, (short with a tiny break between words) to enunciate and accentuate as if building to a Bogart movie moment that takes one’s breath away. 

If this topic resonated and you’d like to have a conversation about what it would look like when you create the love relationship you’ve dreamed of schedule a chat with me.  

Best Things Are Coming To You in 2021, much love from Nancy and her crew