Nancy's Mission

Inspires men to get to the heart of what matters in intimacy, so they understand and
create meaningful connection to their partner, while finding grander satisfaction with all of their life.

About Nancy

Nancy is in service to shift men’s awareness in the realm of emotional and physical intimacy.  She coaches men to simultaneously empower themselves and the partner with whom they connect to sexually.  Nancy shares information through coaching, speaking, sharing expert’s intelligence and social media. 

Core values reflect:
*Advocating men come into their own leadership style being fully connected to their sexuality as         physical, emotional, spiritual and mental beings.
*Overcoming barriers to bring healing and gender power equality.
*Supporting men to consciously support their partner's sexual desires with passionate compassion. 

She developed her own step-wise process The 5 Stages of Intimacy, Conversation to Penetration so that intimacy can be experienced in the most powerful way. This 5 Stage groundbreaking method allows awareness supporting the highest vision that moves beyond the limiting belief that sexual evolution empowers one gender or the other and one at a time.  INSTEAD, men are now able to learn how to empower a partnership in mutual fashion, where they rise together. 

Furthermore, Nancy has created a movement called Draw The Line. She believes men have the right to transform loneliness, disconnection, boundary invasions and missed satisfaction in love or sex into fulfillment, and are needing skills and support to make this right.

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