Do You Believe in Talking About Sex?

Do You Believe in Talking About Sex

Can you chat-up sex with your lovey? Some men believe they can “just tell” what their partner needs. I’d like you to consider taking on a new mindset. Be the one who initiates questions to find out MORE for SURE.  How come I say this? (Pun intended) 

No man is a mind reader. Sex changes and evolves. The quality of your intimacy depends upon you taking an active role. This means you invite your partner into the conversation verbally as well as physically. Remaining FOREVER curious about both of your sensuous desires is sexy.

The physical act of sex is very similar to a body’s way of holding a conversation. One of you does something that initiates connection. The other responds. This flow continues. 

Understanding my 5 stages of intimacy gives you a blueprint to understand the conversation to penetration more fully. Use my ideas to grow your voice and your partner’s so you get a fuller picture of what intimacy means and looks like from both your viewpoints. 

If you are a single man, or have no experience in discussing sex, tailor a first question on intimacy by avoiding the word sex. Try some of these and speak in an energetic, curious tone:

“What do you consider the most romantic gesture a man can do?”

“Who is your hero that is masculine yet romantic?”

“When did you learn men can be romantic?”

“How do you see romance?

“What’s your greatest romantic fantasy?”

Put your whole-self into the question as you ask it. Be prepared for following up with, “tell me more” or “help me understand your feelings with this”. A heartfelt exchange of ideas is your intention. This is a great start for you to romance your lover.

It’s my wish for you to find ONE question that came to mind from my video. Then take that into action and speak/text/whisper it your sweetheart! My wish is your command, just saying. Smile.

If this topic resonated and you’d like to have a conversation about what it would look like when you create the love relationship you’ve dreamed of schedule a chat with me.