Transform Your Intimate Relationship

 SOS 12 Month Virtual Couples Coaching Series

Guided by Dr. Nancy Moonstarr

About Dr. Nancy Moonstarr

Nancy Moonstarr, PhD, is a relationship-intimacy expert who works as a licensed psychologist in Washington, DC.  Jungian, Gestalt and Mindful Practices are blended into her gentle, unique, direct coaching style.

Nancy's experience covers many diverse populations, age groups, and life-styles. She has developed her own eclectic psychological framework combining over 40 years of training, education and practice.  Additionally, personally, she has overcome intimacy challenges of disowning her own power and lack of skill.  All this work and personal experience is used to guide men to overcome their intimacy challenges and create  extraordinary relationships.

She developed her own step-wise process The 5 Stages of Intimacy, Conversation to Penetration so that men can experience body, mind and spiritual intimacy in the most powerful way. This 5 Stage groundbreaking method allows men awareness supporting the highest vision that moves beyond the limiting belief that sexual evolution empowers one gender or the other and one at a time. INSTEAD, men are now able to learn how to empower a partnership in mutual fashion, where he and she rise together. Furthermore, Nancy believes that Times Right for this to take place in the realm of intimacy.