Let’s move into body intimacy next.  Edging is a form of enhancing orgasm or height of sexual pleasure.  The main event or orgasm is taken to the edge of release then stopped.  Practicing this may begin as you self-pleasure, alone or with a partner. It’s also something for women to learn to use on themselves.  Although I like to encourage you stopping release of an orgasm as gentle as possible, it may be easier for women to do that type of slow-down. 

Men’s conditioning puts the ideas of thrusting, hard and fast into mind as best way to come for a man.  

Notice my video offers you a ways to increase orgasmic experience and frequency via edging.  

To start with, you can practice body touch stimulating arousal in solo fashion or with a partner.  If solo, create a setting that takes some thought as to what is romantic and alluring.  I like this practice for sensual atmosphere as it will get you more in tune with setting that ambiance for your beloved routinely.  Begin to manually (or use props) to attain full excitement to the point of no return and release into an orgasm.  

Instead of full expression of an orgasm, see if you can pull-down your excitement and stop just short of letting go.  Repeat for 3 or so times to notice control beginning to set in. You can then continue to practice and even avoid full release when with your loved one.  Holding off allows the next encounter to be heightened and keeps the building for that pleasurable feeling of longing to become grander.  Have fun with your own experience of taking it to the edge.  Add excitement with a novel twist.  Explore.

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