Asking her for more in your lovemaking involves you being strong in your presentation as well as her consent with what you wish.  If you do request and get an objection, address it by saying, “tell me more” or “I’d like you to explain further” or” go on”.  Her beliefs around persistent stoppages are connected to her experiences.  You will also have your experience in return that needs to be expressed.

Perfection is not the goal.  Doing trumps procrastinating because you want to say it perfectly. Rise to the occasion by expressing your wishes.  Keep an eye towards a woman’s needs are to feel safe underneath it all.  When you seek consent, allow her to say exactly where she wants intimacy to stop.  Ideally, this goes for each encounter of physical closeness, but may not be needed once she and you have an agreement that works for you both.

Good intentions may not be enough. It’s your actions that make the intimacy experience real.  If it’s important to build trust with her, ask her, “how am I doing with stopping where you wanted? This is the way you are enrolling her with your demonstration to build trust for her.  Even if you feel you are not doing anything differently, the act of asking how you are doing shows regard for her wishes.

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Best Things Are Coming To You in 2021, much love from Nancy and her crew