Someone from our community asked for more on last week’s topic of stress related to surprises, shock and trauma. I want you to be open to what is really going on with you. Notice if your body is stressed. If it doesn’t feel right to continue with lovemaking, move things in another direction.

Use your words to share with her what you are feeling.  

She is entitled to hearing what it’s like being you.  Do speak in a way that allows her to ‘get’ what’s going on inside you, especially as it relates to sex.  Get in touch with what repels or attracts you in lovemaking.  Please don’t give up. 

Here are some bullets for guiding intimate conversation through your bumps or stoppages. 

1st get clear for yourself what your sexual drops, lacks, not right moments are
Journal write out your thoughts and musings daily or regularly
Communicate to your partner regardless of whether you know it will be received well
Use ‘I’ statements and say ‘this is how it is for me’ takes the spotlight off her making it about her
Thank yourself capturing what’s at issue for yourself and addressing it to make intimacy genuine

Give yourself permission to deal with your own desires as well as baggage related to your body intimacy.  Your sexuality is precious and needs to be treated as such.

Blessings for your ever increasing, love for yourself and yours.

If this topic resonated and you’d like to have a conversation about what it would look like when you create the love relationship you’ve dreamed of schedule a chat with me.  

Best Things Are Coming To You in 2021, much love from Nancy and her crew