Unlock Your Full Potential

Individual Private Coaching for Personal Transformation

Provides opportunity to:

Quit comparing yourself to others
Learn to overcome feelings of not being good enough
Heal ruptures in past or current relationship
Feel sexually whole, mentally and physically
Live as your authentic self

Method of Delivery:

Attend 3 one-on-one sessions virtually at your choice of location internationally. Through Nancy’s conversational style, you will feel an equal exchange and ease of discussion between the two of you. As an option, she will offer you practices you can work on between sessions. 

Location and Duration:

Zoom one-hour coaching sessions are offered weekly for three weeks. 

Nancy will gently guide through any awkwardness with her seasoned expertise. 

At the end of your 3 one-hour sessions, you will receive final suggestions on ways you can continue building your future with best intimacy in mind.

$495 per hourly session or you can purchase the package of 2 session for $990 and receive the third session for FREE

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$495 Per Hourly Session

$990 Paid in Full

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