Leap Into Your Intimacy

My video tip today is to consciously jump into trying something new in your intimacy regardless of your hesitancy or concern over not doing it right.  Choosing to take action, in spite of fear, builds confidence. 

Sexual CONFIDENCE is built and developed continuously.  It’s not automatic nor a “one and done” thing.  When it comes to intimacy, being yourself and doing the best you can at each moment is the way to go.  Good news for men who know they are trying something out for the first time.  Lovers can feel your intention and find it refreshing if a guy is not a “know it all” when it comes to sex.

Deliberately leaping into a new act or sexy way of being breaks the intimacy barrier.  Holding back can diminish intimacy.  If you are unsure about your partner’s willingness to try what you wish to try, chat about it beforehand.  Another option is to back up to an earlier stage in my 5 Stages of Intimacy before attempting something new.   

Remember the master skill of repetition.  Repeating is a way to become confident because it gets a little easier each time you do jump into something new.  Plus, it gives your brain the memory of doing that thing you just did.  Confidence builds confidence.

In support of your best intimacy.

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Best Things Are Coming To You in 2022, much love from Nancy and her crew