Why It’s Not Easy To Talk About Sex

Why It's Not Easy To Talk About Sex

Today’s 3-min (it’s really four minutes) video tip encourages you to draw your partner into free, open verbal exchanges about sex. This may sound easy. But we have repressed or avoided talking about sex.

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Simple Questions, Big Results For Sex

Simple Questions, Big Results For Sex?

Today’s video is encouraging men to connect more deeply as you enter into foreplay conversation. Remember, foreplay starts way before the more obvious act of physical sex begins.

If these topics resonated and you’d like to have a conversation about what it would look like when you create the love relationship you’ve dreamed of, schedule a chat with me.  

What Would You Change About Your Intimacy RIGHT NOW?

Could rituals help you better your intimacy? I ask you to ask yourself, what would you like to improve in your bedroom life?

Do You Believe in Talking About Sex

Do You Believe in Talking About Sex?

Can you chat-up sex with your lovey? Some men believe they can “just tell” what their partner needs. I’d like you to consider taking on a new mindset. Be the one who initiates questions to find out MORE for SURE.  How come I say this? (Pun intended) 

How Helpful Were Your Parents About Sex?

This video is to remind you that your parents or caregivers gave you their best teachings about sex, even if not much.

How Do Lead Your Partner Into Talking About Sex?

There’s a present for you and your partner in my 3-min videos. I let you in on the easy way to get each of you to chat-up sex. 

Avoid taking for granted –

Way to Fix #1 Reason for Lacks in Sex

Way to Fix #1 Reason for Lacks in Sex

Your love partner may never tire of you but could lose her desire for your bod, when it comes to her intimacy needs.  The number 1 reason for loss of intertest in sex...

Simple Ways Your Partner Feels #1

A love partner never tires of wanting, enjoying being your #1 priority.  You may notice I am placing you in the driver’s seat to “make” your partner feel regarded as your numero uno in life. 

Rock Out! Passion Build Kiss

Love, LOVE, love kissing.  It is such a special place to join with your lover...

What Does Self-Pleasure Add To Intimacy?

Self-pleasure is not taught to women as it is to men.  Boys watch porn and sometimes learn about masturbation from friends sexual pursuits whether imaginary or real...

NEW Masculine Centric Intimacy

NEW Masculine Centric Intimacy?

Your intimacy is always growing, n’est pas?  You have come to a new place in the 21st Century beyond Freudian directed sexuality. 

Leap Into Your Intimacy

My video tip today is to consciously jump into trying something new in your intimacy regardless of your hesitancy or concern over not doing it right.  Choosing to take action, in spite of fear, builds confidence. 

A Demonstration of Kissing

A Demonstration of Kissing

Kissing is such a wonderful way to build “sexy” tension and in a very dreamy way.  Watch this video for my quick suggestions.  Also consider setting up a make-out session so you can enjoy building these kisses into long steamy ones.  In additional to the video kisses try adding the following ones to your repertoire... 

Erotic Performance Starts in Your Mind

Erotic Performance Starts in Your Mind

As you begin your erotic journey, use your mind to imagine what you would like to create.  This applies whether it’s a new meet-up or longer-term relationship. 


My World And Gender vs. Sexual Orientation

In the midst of my renovation tour, I offer you a distinction between gender and sexual-orientation.

Do You Finish or Do You Experience Anorgasmia?

Anorgasmia translates to not having an orgasm but generally means your orgasm takes longer to experience than preferred.  This includes when orgasm is missing completely or takes a long time. 

The Importance of Self-Pleasuring

The Importance of Self-Pleasuring

What does self-pleasuring have to do with good sex? It’s the place you start.  Feeling good for who you are sexually feels good. 

Highest Level Of Trust For Best Sex Always

Here’s how to ensure height of trust by setting and maintaining a sexual boundary.  No matter how long you have known your partner, it’s a great practice to speak your sexual intended end point. 

Secret Code for Creating Intimate Chat-Ups

Wondering how you chat-up your beloved to rekindle that spark for exciting body intimacy?  Here’s Nancy’s Code formula: identify what you want + effective wording = start for your intimate conversation leading to penetration.  For more, read on.

Tips For Beginning Talk About Sex

Consider these great questions to invite your beloved into intimate conversation.

Speak these words.  “What is important for me to know about...

How Do You Rekindle, Reconnect in Intimacy?

You really re-connect each time you have an intimate moment, interlude or have sex with your partner.  There are three different places of reconnection depending on how big the break or stoppage is.  The continuum of rekindling can include a simple breathing ritual or dive into what’s deep beneath. 

Where To Begin Intimate Touch?

Do you have a moment or more where you don’t really know how to touch your dearest? Or perhaps you are restarting the intimacy and need a word and alternative ways to invite your beloved to speak up.  How would your partner tell you exactly where to start touch for her body as well as yours? 

How Are You Confronting Her When Conflict Arises During Intimacy?

What a great topic raised by a participant in my Live class – a wonder about conflict avoidance.  Confronting conflict is like navigating a cave with little light, but you keep looking for glints of brightness to guide you.  As you meet bumps along the way, I encourage you to keep going.

How To Re-invite Her Stoppages Back Into Intimacy

So glad one of you wrote to me about reactions from a woman related to a gesture of eye-gazing.  Please know it could be any number of things that trigger a woman to stiffen, say something harsh or push away. 

When faced with this, I suggest slow your mind.

How To Turn Her Down Nicely

Someone from our community asked for more on last week’s topic of stress related to surprises, shock and trauma. I want you to be open to what is really going on with you. Notice if your body is stressed. If it doesn’t feel right to continue with lovemaking, move things in another direction.

How Traumatic Stress Effects Intimacy

Someone from our wondrous community wrote me.  He was quite nice about liking my posts.  Then he shared some of the work he does helping men heal from trauma.  This got me thinking.

I never know what will guide me to share about a topic in my 3 min video, Friday emails.  Today’s focus became trauma. 

When I am asked "Do I Date?"

Occasionally, one of you, someone from our awesome community here, asks me if I date.  I never know quite how to answer but here’s best I can come up with.  Confidentiality is always protected when you ask me anything.  Please be assured I share no identifying information about the source of a question. 

How To Be Romantic In Your Sexy Way

Think about what would be romantic.  You may be romantically challenged.  But don’t despair, help is on the way, as assistance is plentiful.  Google or read up on what exactly is romance. 

Do ask her:

Remain in Your Power Through Tough Topics in Your Sex Life

You must talk about what is not fulfilling for you in your intimacy with your partner.  This unfulfilled aspect registers inside you as if something is missing or not right.

This video includes my “spell” offering posture, thinking, words and acts to express.  For example:

What’sss Sexy About Change and Surprise?

Women love surprise the right way.  Consider doing things slightly differently when you give her:

A helping hand cooking
Or offer acts of service with choice included:

How To Be Assertive As You Ask For More Intimacy

Asking her for more in your lovemaking involves you being strong in your presentation as well as her consent with what you wish.  If you do request and get an objection, address it by saying, “tell me more” or “I’d like you to explain further” or” go on”.  

How EDGING Adds Frequency To Your Physical Intimacy’s “MAIN EVENT"

Best loving thoughts sent your way via this email.  Let’s move into body intimacy next.  Edging is a form of enhancing orgasm or height of sexual pleasure.  The main event or orgasm is taken to the edge of release then stopped.


If Things Are Too Slow, Move Her into Deeper Intimacy This Way

You may be faced with intimacy that moves extremely slowly and you KNOW it.  If this is the case, share your thoughts with her but don’t convince or beg.  Say things like “it’s time we had sex and I want to show you the way”.  

If these topics resonated and you’d like to have a conversation about what it would look like when you create the love relationship you’ve dreamed of, schedule a chat with me.  

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