Wondering how you chat-up your beloved to rekindle that spark for exciting body intimacy?  Here’s Nancy’s Code formula: identify what you want + effective wording = start for your intimate conversation leading to penetration.  For more, read on.

Ask yourself what you want.  You may have to start with what you don’t want.  Drill down till you are clear about what you seek to create.  Say you have identified that you want to bring back romance from early times or experiment with a new sex approach or even go to bed at the same time.  Your first step is now complete.

Place what you are wanting into requests.  Eliminate unnecessary comments, always-nevers, requiring credit for an idea.  (See my 3 min video).  Use “I” to start sentences.  Keep an even poker-face tone.  You have now completed step 2.

Once you have clarity for what you want set up a time to chat in a neutral place.  When your partner shows any positive gesture or words moving in the direction of connecting to your desire, acknowledge with a nod or verbal, “yes, I like that, I’m good with that”.  Let go of taking credit for something or “over-selling”.  Consider this a win, no matter how subtle your partner’s effort or improvement.  If your sweetheart says or offers something that you have been asking for or talking about for some time, act as if this is the first you have heard and say, “I’m all in or I’m all ears”.  You have now experienced intimate conversation. 

This formula or code can be applied and built upon for reaching whatever you desire.

Final tip, maintain good eye contact and look at this as a gradual process not so much a goal as a living-moving-evolving creation.

For more on how to dream big and get the intimacy you wish, chat with me to find out about The Man Codes program I’m starting this summer.  This program shows you how to break down intimacy into bit size pieces.  Imagine secrets to honing in your skills for the conversation to penetration, so your life is grander because you have skills for delivering and keeping MEANINGFUL connection.  Learn that you CAN be your own deliberate creator in your domain of intimacy.

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Best Things Are Coming To You in 2021, much love from Nancy and her crew