Bliss Means Understanding What A Virtue is and How It’s Related To Virtuous Sex.
day 2 interview with Greg & Tamara Montana

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Who Are Greg & Tamara Montana?

Greg Montana is committed to spiritual integrity and seeing that people live in alignment with what’s most meaningful to them.

Greg is a graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology with an Engineering Degree where he studied energy & quantum physics. Greg shares three main skills of heroes with his audiences. Heroes know who they are; They speak powerfully and beautifully and they make a huge contribution to humanity.

Greg has trained entrepreneurs, psychologists, coaches, managers, ministers, Olympic Gold Medalists, and Academy & Emmy award-winning celebrities  who were at the top of their game asking themselves “what next!?”

Tamara Montana is committed to authentic self-expression and innocence... and uncovering the hidden treasures that lie within all of us. As a Licensed Psychotherapist and a Heart Virtue Expert, Her passion is leading workshops with her husband Greg in strengthening “Divine Partnerships”  inside “Authentic Virtuous Cultures.” 

Greg and Tamara’s passion is to live in a world where 6 billion people know their Heart Virtue. Their  dedication to the healing  arts  has  resulted in working with families  and couples in “Creating “Divine Partnerships” and corporations  in identifying  their “Authentic Culture” as their brand by understanding each individual's Heart Virtues™.

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