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A Man's Guide to Intimacy Online Series

Learn The Secrets to Keeping her Wanting, Sizzling and Forever yours!

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21 Expert Speakers that will help you with intimacy. 

Session 1 - Susan Bratton

Session 2 - Edgar & Tamara Montana

Session 3 - Allana Pratt

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Session 4 - Amanda Blumenthal

Session 5 - Sarrah Rose

Session 6 - Helen Hillix

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Session 7 - Clayton Olson

Session 8 - Chas August

Session 9 - Larry Michel

Session 10 - Carl Frankel

Session 11 - Sheri Winston

Session 12 - David Wood

Session 13 - Kenneth Play

Session 14 - Freddy Zental Weaver

Session 15 - Destin Gerek

Session 16 - Boysen Hodgson

Session 17 - P.J. Dixon

Session 18 - Therez Fleetwood

Session 19 - Ronald Levant

Session 20 - Lama: Jigme Gyatso

Session 21 - John Gray

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A Man's Guide to Intimacy
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