What Would You Change About Your Intimacy RIGHT NOW?

Could rituals help you better your intimacy? I ask you to ask yourself, what would you like to improve in your bedroom life? Let’s look at how you could begin a ritual that would take your response to this question into amazing connection.  Your partner and you will sense excitement about intimacy building if you do it in the way I explain in my video. 

A ritual is something you do on a regular basis, that will bring your partner closer to you. You may recall that my second stage of intimacy is rituals. I like rituals because they provide a way to transition into the sensual/sexual realm from other activities like work. An example of a ritual is a weekly chat asking about what pleasures each of you.

Rituals also guide your attention into the present moment. In this way you get connected to your sweetie with what’s going on right now. The past and present fade. You and your partner are tuned into each other’s feelings or sensations as you connect through a ritual.  

In this video I make suggestions about remaining curious as you discuss what intimacies you truly desire. My final HINT encourages you to set up a regular, weekly ritual to discuss desired change in any aspect of pleasuring each other.

If this topic resonated and you’d like to have a conversation about what it would look like when you create the love relationship you’ve dreamed of schedule a chat with me.