Why It’s Not Easy To Talk About Sex

Why It’s Not Easy To Talk About Sex

Today’s 3-min (it’s really four minutes) video tip encourages you to draw your partner into free, open verbal exchanges about sex. This may sound easy. But we have repressed or avoided talking about sex. It’s time to change how we talk about sex. My book has a lot to say about the importance of authentic communication for satisfying, best ever sex.

Whether you know it or not, other people’s attitudes about sex have been given to you. That's why talking about sex is awkward and not second nature for most men. Yet, I believe, it would make more sense to feel awkward in the absence of chatting up sex with your partner.

Your sexual beliefs and attitudes arise from:

* Parents and family lineage
* Culture, including education, friends, religion, experts, and pornography
* Puritan heritage, from our country’s founding mothers and fathers

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